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Our Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family Services include:

Monthly Maintenance for Turf, Trees, Shrubs, & More

We provide comprehensive 12-month landscape maintenance programs custom fit to your needs and budget. We are always ready to craft a regular landscape maintenance program for you of any size or complexity for enduringly beautiful grounds.

Diseased & Damaged Tree Inspections

Dead, diseased, or damaged trees can create hazards both for people and property. Fallen trees and tree limbs can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. We can help make your property more beautiful and reduce your liability by helping you identify trees to remove.

Dead Tree Removal

One service offered that most other landscape companies subcontract out is tree removal. Southland Landscaping has its own fleet of tree trucks and chippers, which allows us to give very competitive prices. We can remove any size tree from any location you may have as well as trim and maintain your existing trees to keep them healthy, attractive, and strong.

Limb Elevation

If limbs are allowed to grow against the roofs and against the sides of the buildings expensive roof repairs could be required. Undetected leaks can cause rotten wood and even mold.

Low, sagging limbs in turf areas can create an umbrella effect which shades out necessary sunlight grass needs to survive. If the grass dies and leaves bare ground, erosion is soon to follow. Furthermore, low limbs can obstruct visibility during the day and diminish security lighting at night.

In addition to dead tree removal, we routinely prune limbs away from roofs and outdoor lighting and cut or trim low hanging limbs. We regularly evaluate our customer's trees to prevent issues from ever occurring.

New Plant & Sod Installation

Trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants provide a number of environmental, economic, and lifestyle benefits. But landscaping that is not properly maintained can give the opposite effect. We can help make your property look its best by maintaining what's there and doing landscape enhancements. We can install new plants at your entrance, model, or office. We can help you with drainage issues where water pools and enters units. We can help you reduce bare ground areas through sod installation.

Leaf & Debris Removal

In the fall of the year, leaves and pine needles begin to fall and can greatly reduce the attractiveness of your property. Twenty to thirty acres of leaves and pine straw is a lot to remove. That is why we have back pack blowers, Billy goat push blowers, dump trucks and industrial size vacuum machines to attack this problem. A company that shows up with only rakes and garbage bags will have a hard time cleaning up your site before it needs it again. We know how important leaf clean-ups are to you, and we have the men and the equipment to get it done.

Herbicidal & Insecticide Treatments

Our regular lawn chemical applications keep your turf free from weeds. Plants and trees are frequently inspected to identify disease and pests at the first sign of occurrence. Should a problem emerge, Southland Landscaping has the tools and skills required to keep disease and pests at bay.

Seasonal Flower Design & Installation

Seasonal color that really pops can go a long way in attracting your next resident or client. Southland Landscaping provides spring and fall flower installations to make your curb appeal stand out from the rest. We do not just stick flowers in the dirt. We install garden mix soil and mound up the beds to project color. We install flowers that are suited to your property. Once the flowers are planted, we help make sure they are properly watered during those first critical weeks when new plants establish their roots. We understand how important your seasonal color is to increasing traffic and leasing.

Seasonal Mulch Installation

Our annual mulch application refreshes and adds color to beds, inhibits weeds, and helps hold in moisture for plants.

And much more!

As a full service landscape company, Southland Landscaping is fully prepared with the equipment and expertise to care for and enhance the beauty of your grounds. Drainage, bush hogging, or whatever you needs may be, you can count on us to take care of it for you.

Experienced Crews

Our crews have the expertise and extensive knowledge to handle all of your landscape needs, including tree maintenance and removal. We can remove any size tree from any location you may have as well as trim and maintain your existing trees to keep them healthy, attractive, and strong. Our hard working crews are dedicated to providing a service we are proud to offer.

Trucks and Equipment

Our fleet of trucks and equipment are the latest in the landscaping industry and are kept in tip-top shape. Our professional grade equipment is serviced in house by our mechanical team with the idea of having two of everything ready and working. If any of our equipment fails in the field, back up is just a few steps away making sure your project does not suffer undue delays.

Friendly Staff

Our Staff of Supervisors who are skilled in all aspects of our field, Customer Service Representatives who help make sure that all your landscaping needs are met, and Quality Control Specialists who know the industry inside and out are eager to work for you.

Call or email Southland Landscaping today for information. You'll be so glad you did!