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Crepe Murder

The crepe myrtle is a graceful and hearty element of many landscape designs. However, many other landscape companies defectively prune crepe myrtles by what is known as "Crepe Murder". Click this link to read a very informative article on the subject by Linda C. Askey of Southern Living.

Benefits of Landscaping

Landscaping can provide much more than just aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants provide a number of environmental, economic, and lifestyle benefits. Click here to read about some of the advantages of landscaping.

Tree Hazards

Although trees provide numerous benefits, dead, diseased, or damaged trees and dead, loose, or overgrown limbs can create hazards both for people and property. Fallen limbs and trees can cost thousand of dollars in medical, repair, or legal expenses. If limbs are allowed grow against the roofs and against the sides of the buildings expensive roof repairs could be required. Undetected leaks can cause rotten wood and even mold. Low, sagging limbs in turf areas can create an umbrella effect which shades out necessary sunlight grass needs to survive. If the grass dies and leaves bare ground, erosion is soon to follow. Furthermore, low limbs can obstruct visibility during the day and diminish security lighting at night. To read more about tree hazards, including how to identify potential risks, click here.

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